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Asset Database Solutions That Make the Workplace a Better Place

Compulsion Software helps businesses across the world build a more intelligent and efficient workplace. Our database asset management solutions and services have one objective: transforming and using the data in the workplace into an easily manageable storage environment that can be easily and efficiently accessed.

Our analytics platform enables our consultants and clients to optimise three crucial steps in a company’s business process: office assets, user behaviours and document workflows. Our knowledge of databases & asset management allows us to recommend, integrate and support best-in-class solutions that will make your office a more secure and effective environment. Find out more about what a fixed asset management database system can do for you.


Remote Management Made Easy

Is network file & asset management causing you headaches? It is going to surely interrupt the end-user’s workflow and also have an effect on productivity.

Terminal into the database with safe, centralized, and adaptive transfer of documents between the host and the terminals may be implemented separately or into the whole system of devices. To ensure the document was moved to a particular self-service device or to observe the document position it is possible to use the real time file transfer report aid.


  • Remotely explore all of the folders and files on remote terminal local folders.
  • Scheduling of document transfer.
  • Cut, paste or copy files and folders.
  • Transfer documents to end-user’s pc end-to-end.
  • Assign privileges to remote users.
  • Produce, delete or rename folders and files seamlessly without needing to share displays with remote users computer.
  • Database developer support.
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    Remote Installer

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    Database Development Solutions

    Are you getting the most out of your data? A custom database development solution can help your business improve it’s business process efficiency and better leverage your data.

    We’re the experts when it comes to optimizing and modernizing your workforce with database applications that allow you to get maximum efficiency out of your team no matter where they are in the world.

    When pairing custom database development with AssetDB you get a fully optimized data solution for your business that can be accessed locally or in the cloud seamlessly.

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