Software Deployment with Remote Installer

Selecting Computers

  • Select the domain or workgroup from from the 'Domain' box. This will populate the listbox below.
  • Select the computer(s) onto which you wish to install the software and click 'Add'. You can also click 'Add All' to add all the computers at once if required.
  • Alternatively, click 'Import from File' to import a list of computers from a text file.
  • To remove computer(s) from the install list, select them in the 'To Install' box, right click and select 'Remove Selected Computers':


  • With a package and computers selected, click 'Install'.
  • You will then be asked if you wish to do the install now or schedule for a later time.
  • The bar below the Install button controls the number of computers to install to simultaneously.
  • The 'Results' pane will show the progress of the install.